1990年、スタジオミュージシャンとして個々に活動していた赤川力、藤田伸彦、冬野ユミの3人が、「聴いた事のない音楽を、やりたい放題作ろう!」というコンセプトの元、ユニットを結成。夜な夜な宅録を繰り返し、実験的音楽制作に没頭。アルバム「叩き売りbanana」、「微睡 MADOROMI」、「condensed BANANA(4枚組)」をリリ−ス。その後、ラジオドラマ演出家 角岡正美氏との出会いが、サウンドトラックの世界を歩むきっかけとなる。



In 1990, three individual active studio musicians, Chikara Akagawa, Nobuhiko Fujita and Yumi Tono decided to form a new unit, BANANA, with a singular drive to produce, to their heart’s content, music that nobody had ever heard of before.After many a nightly recording sessions, immersed in their experimental music production, they successfully released the albums, “Tatakiuri banana,” “Madoromi” and “condensed BANANA (4xCD set).”

Later, their chance encounter with the radio-drama producer, Mr. Masami Tsunooka, launched them into the world of soundtracks.To date, they can lay claim to more than 300 works for TV, film and radio dramas and over 5000 pieces of original music.Lately, they have been enjoying the challenge of using a variety of instruments, in addition to venturing into “musique concrète”, “sampling” and “prepared piano.”

The BANANA sound defies genres – sweet and bitter, free and fun, cute in a surreal sense...
While experimental, their colorful music wraps richly and delicately around the story.


赤川 力

Chikara Akagawa
− BANANA’s Commander-in-Chief −
Able to create deep and wide range of colorful sound as a guitarist, while able to provide technical support as a programming and recording engineer. Strives for perfection as the master sound-maker for the unit.

藤田 伸彦

Nobuhiko Fujita
− BANANA’s Chief Advisor −
Able to play many instruments such as the violin, cello, flute, drum and percussions, in addition to the acoustic and electric guitar and the ukulele. His soft and tender voice accentuates BANANA’s highly regarded chorus sound. An accomplished music arranger – a true renaissance player.

冬野 ユミ

Yumi Tono
− BANANA’s Chief of Operations −
The main composer of music and the heart and soul of the unit. Active as pianist and keyboard player. Her heartfelt and soulful melodies, and broad range of music making, never wither, but rather continually flourish – a free-spirit to the core.